New Tracking Technology

Conversion Tracking Simplified.

Tracking conversions is hard, and often fails at providing actionable data.

AnyTrack is One Line of Code that Auto-Connects your entire marketing ecosystem, so you can spend more time on marketing, and less on the tech stuff.

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How to get started?

AnyTrack Data Flow (1)

A Single TAG Does it All!

AnyTrack collects all website events automatically with a single javascript snippet.
✅ Save Time with a simple setup.
✅ Accelerate growth with direct analytics integrations.
✅ Build  perfect audiences with a single click.

Your Data Where You Need it!

Save time and accelerate your growth by leveraging your conversion data across all your pixels and analytics, build audiences, and optimize ads for ROI. 

✅ Google Analytics API
✅ Facebook Conversion API 
✅ Microsoft Ads (Bing) API
✅ Outbrain & Taboola Postback URL


👉 Whether conversions happen on your site,  a CRM, or an affiliate network, AnyTrack will automatically route your conversions to your Analyics & Pixels.

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60+ One-Click Integrations

Spend less time on tracking, move quickly, and never miss a conversion. Your conversion data is constantly tracked, and synced across all your tools, so you can leverage Google, Facebook AI & ML, and quickly improve your campaign's ROI.
✅ Top Affiliate Networks
✅ Granular Conversion Data
✅ Popular Funnel Builders
✅ API & Postback Integrations

👉 Instantly track and send your conversion data, and send it to all your analytics and pixels. 


Where All Your Marketing Comes Together

  • Improved Targeting

  • Scale with Automation

  • Reporting True ROI

  • ⛔ Stop Tracking!

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Stop wasting your budgets on the wrong audience targeting.

Use your conversion data to create personalized, highly targeted ad campaigns, and report on exactly which ads, keywords, or segments are turning visits, into revenues.

With AnyTrack you no longer rely guess work to adjust your budgets, bids, or targeting. Your entire conversion data drives your campaigns, according to the any of your business goals.

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Use your conversion data to always show the right ads, to the right audiences.

Automatically send conversion data to all your pixels and analytics with features like the Data Orchestration, and Dynamic Conversion Mapping.

With AnyTrack, you’ll be able to manage your campaigns at scale — without manually uploading offline conversions to your ad platforms, or updating tracking parameters.

Use your conversion data to create journey-based advertising campaigns for your Facebook, Google, Taboola, and Bing audiences, at each and every step of the funnel.

advanced reporting

Report on true advertising ROI with Swiss precision.


Clicks don’t mean money in your bank account.

That’s why AnyTrack goes beyond traditional trackers, and reports all conversions and revenues, back to your ad platforms so you can have the most complete and accurate ROAS reporting, and scale your campaigns with 100% confidence.

Use attribution reporting to understand how each ad, within each ad network is performing, at each stages of the funnel, and align your ads to push more traffic deeper into your funnels.

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Stop wasting time on Tracking!

It's 2021!

Stop wasting time on setting up tracking, parameters, offers, call to actions, click URLs, custom codes, and other tasks of the previous decade.

Tracking has evolved, and so should your marketing stack.

One line of code is what you need to start your data driven marketing journey.


Why customers love AnyTrack!


Instant setup

A single line of code will AutoTrack on-site events such as Outbound Clicks, and Form Submissions to all your pixels and analytics. No coding required.


Powerful Integrations

From direct integrations with pixels, funnel builders to affiliate networks, your conversion and audience data flows at every touch point of your marketing.



Leverage the power of your audience data across all you marketing tools, and expand your reach with automation, and behavioral targeting.


100% Redirectless

Avoid click loss, and ad account bans caused by traditional link trackers, and make the most out of every click, while saving time and automating your marketing.


What our customers say

"I have been able to scale my campaigns while increasing ROAS.

AnyTrack is the one software that I have been searching for.

It is one of a kind!

“What AnyTrack has done is actually provide a simple tool for online marketers to use cross-platform data to actually do what people talk about!"

"So many people “talk” about creating audiences to target / exclude based on actions but hardly anyone does it."

"Anytrack has been a game changer for my marketing efforts. I've been able to double the amount I'm spending per acquisition by putting the money in the right places"

AnyTrack Integration Ecosystem

One-click integration with your favorite tools!


Use Cases & Solutions



Tracking & measuring PPC campaigns for comparison websites is extremely challenging.

⛔ Google Analytics alone can't do it, and current tracking solutions fall short of tracking conversions in Google Ads.


The AnyTrack TAG seamlessly connects your entire marketing stack with Google Analytics & Google Ads. 

✔️ One line of code AutoTracks engagements, form submissions, and track your affiliate conversions.


Now you can fully leverage the power of Google artificial intelligence, automate your campaigns for ROI. 

🎯 Improve your content
🎯 Discover high intent audiences
🎯 Create lookalike audiences
🎯 Track your full campaigns ROI
lead gen campaigns


Running lead gen campaigns on search is a high risk business.

Leads are not born equal, and to funnel the right lead, to the right advertiser, you need to track and attribute every lead, its value, and the stage he's in your funnels.

🚫 Passing offline conversion data to Google is challenging, highly technical, and often falls short of giving the complete picture.


AnyTrack smart tracking and attribution engine, allows you to track your lead journey, from the optin, down to its sold status, so you can optimize funnel, ads, content, and drip campaigns at scale.

🎯 Automate your marketing flow
🎯 Retarget across multiple networks
🎯 Improve lookalike audiences targeting
🎯 Report on your full campaigns ROI


content marketing


Whether you are a passionate blogger, an influencer, or run an authority website, your primary goal is to know how and where to invest your resources. 

Yet, measuring content ROI is nearly impossible, and highly technical when sales happen away from your site.

How as a creator, you shouldn't rely on the number of "likes", "retweets" or "clicks" to plan your next post.


AnyTrack seamless integration with Google Analytics allow you to finally tie your content, marketing channels, audiences, and revenues.

Whether you plan on flipping websites, produce more content, or invest in PPC campaigns, the insights you'll get will give you an edge .

🎯 Make better and informed decisions
🎯 Discover high intent audiences
🎯 Bring your entire data together
🎯 Leverage data to get new revenue streams



Discover how quickly & easy you can start.


Scale your marketing with 100% confidence.



Perfect to get started!

Everything you need to get started at a low budget.

  • Up to 50'000 Sessions/Mth.
  • 1 Website
  • 1 Affiliate Network Integration
  • 1 Ad Network Integration
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Facebook Conversion API*
  • Taboola Integration*
  • Outbrain Integration*
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Full Redirectless Tracking
  • ClickFunnels Integration
  • Advanced Funnels Tracking
  • Advanced Reports & Analytics
  • Self Service Support
  • Email support



Perfect for Agencies

Everything you need to streamline data across your agency.

  • Up to 3M Sessions
  • 10 Websites
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • All Ad Networks
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Taboola Integration
  • Outbrain Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Full Redirectless Tracking
  • ClickFunnels Integration
  • Advanced Funnels Tracking
  • Advanced Reports & Analytics
  • Webhooks
  • Priority support
  • Premium Affiliate Networks
  • Custom Event Mapping


*No credit card required


Need clarification?

Which Ad Networks are supported?

Currently, AnyTrack supports Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising), Taboola, and Outbrain. 

Can I track more than one Ad Network?

Yes if you are on the personal or advanced plan. If you are on the Basic plan, you will be able to connect with a single ad network.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes. At any given time you can upgrade or downgrade. If you decide to downgrade to a lower plan, your subscription will be available until the end of the current billing cycle.

How does the Free Trial work?

Upon selecting a plan, you will have 14 days to use the platform with all its features and options under the plan. At the end of the 14 days, your payment method on file will be charged for the monthly subscription.

What is a website?

A website is the property on which you add the AnyTrack tracking tag. Depending on which plan you are, you can add one or many websites to your account and track each of them separately.

Can I cancel my subscription during the Free Trial?

Yes. At any given time you can cancel your account, and you will not be charged. 

Do you offer custom plans?

Yes. Contact us for more info.

What is the Facebook Conversion API?

The Facebook Conversion API allows marketers to send conversion data to their Facebook Pixel, without having to place the Facebook Pixel on their thank you page, or a merchant thank you page. It's similar to a Postback URL (or server to server pixel), except that you can only use it with a tracking platform that has been approved by Facebook compliance.

Is AnyTrack only for affiliate marketers?

No. AnyTrack is used by a wide range of performance marketers. Whether you promote your own product, you're an agency or an affiliate marketer, you can only succeed in your campaigns if you track your conversions.