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Why is AnyTrack the #1 Hyros Alternative?

AnyTrack is simpler, faster, cheaper, and more important: fully compliant with privacy laws.

* If you are currently using or considering Hyros, check the extensive FAQ to understand the implications risks of Hyros Tracking methods.

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Wondering why we created the "Hyros Alternative" page?

Conversion Tracking and attribution is a serious topic that cannot be solved with hype and superlative claims!

Here is a top to bottom breakdown of the reasons we created this page:

  1. Provide a feature comparison table to customers wondering how AnyTrack compares to Hyros.
  2. Add clarity to fancy words and claims such as "AI Training", or "print tracking".
  3. Explaining what lies behind some of Hyros tracking methods.
  4. Provide a clear comparison to customers disappointed with Hyros, and looking for a better alternative.
  5. Answer some of the popular questions asked about Hyros, and other topics related to Hyros tracking methods.
  6. Answer the question / claim from Hyros FAQ : "Why Is HYROS Better Than Other Systems On The Market?"


How Does AnyTrack Compare to Hyros?



Facebook Business Partner

Getting Started & Setup

Free Trial


Tracking method

Facebook Ads Integration

Google Ads Integration

Google Ads iOS 14.5 Update

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics eCommerce

Multi-channel attribution

Attribution models

Native Ads Integrations

Privacy & ITP/ETP

Audience Building Rules

Funnel Tracking

Affiliate Networks

Funnel Builders

eCommerce integrations

Cart Integrations



Why it matters?⛔

*Forced onboarding ✔️

Not available ⛔

Starts at $500/Month ⛔

Email based tracking ⚠️

*Offline Conversion API ✔️

*Offline Conversion Tracking ✔️

*Why not?

*Single campaign attribution

 4 models ⛔

*Email based tracking ⛔

*Manual Based on email data ✔️

*Optin & Purchase events ✔️

ClickFunnels & More ✔️

*Shopify, Woo & More




Why it matters?

✅ Free & Instant setup

✅ 14 Days

✅ Starts at $50/Month

✅ First party data

✅ Facebook Conversion API

✅ GTag Server-Side API

✅ GTag Server-Side API

✅ Setup + Conversion API

✅ Checkout flow + Transactions

✅ Fully automated across ads

✅ 6 models / Google Analytics

✅ Outbrain, Taboola

✅ First party data only

✅ Real time behavioral data

✅ 8 Standard Events + Custom

✅ 90+ Integrations

✅ ClickFunnels, LeadsHook... 

✅ Shopify, WooCommerce

✅ Native + Zapier

* Check the FAQ for additional information.

⚠️ This feature comparison was done according to the Hyros public documentation and customer testimonials.

The goal of this comparison is not to deter users from buying Hyros software, but to provide a clear explanation of some of the features, and claims advertised by Hyros.

We try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but it is possible that some of their public documentation isn't accurate, which might be reflected here.

If you spot an error or would like to comment on some of the items, please contact us with details.

Facebook Business Partners are companies that Facebook has vetted for their expertise. They have the experience to help grow your business – from running ads, to selling products, to engaging with your customers.

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How to get started in 5 Minutes (Really!)

hyros vs anytrack

The TRUE Universal Tag

Discover the True meaning of Universal Tracking.
AnyTrack instantly AND automatically tracks your forms, products, eCommerce checkout flows, and syncs your data with your analytics, Facebook Conversion API, and your marketing tools.
✅ Friction free integration flows.
✅ Realtime Tracking & Syncing.
✅ Privacy first approach.
✅ For Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Native Ads and more.


Your Data Where You Need it!

Save time and accelerate your growth by leveraging your conversion data across all your pixels and analytics, build audiences, and optimize ads for ROI. 

✅ Google, Facebook, Bing, Taboola & Outbrain.
✅ Audience Data realtime synced across all APIs. 
✅ Unify audience segments across pixels.
✅ Leverage lookalike audiences everywhere.
ads integrations (2)
aff networks logos

Universal Conversion API

From CRM, checkout systems, eCommerce platforms, or affiliate networks, Anytrack will instantly track rich conversion data and funnel it through the Conversion API to all your pixels, analytics, and ad networks.
✅ Shopify, Woocommerce, ClickFunnels
✅ CRM's & Landing page builders
✅ +90 Affiliate Networks & Software
✅ +3500 business Apps with Zapier

Leverage Google & Facebook AI.

Because AnyTrack tracks and syncs your conversion data across all your pixels and analytics, your campaign optimization is automated by Google and Facebook AI engines, using hundreds of data-points, audience segments, and data only accessible to their platforms.
🎯 Scale with CPA, ROAS bid strategies.
🎯 Optimize your audience targeting.
🎯 Retarget audiences at every step of the funnel.
🎯 Use conversions to build lookalike audiences.
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Where All Your Marketing Comes Together





anytrack illustration (2)

Stop wasting your budgets on the wrong audience targeting.

Use your conversion data to create personalized, highly targeted ad campaigns, and report on exactly which ads, keywords, or segments are turning visits, into revenues.

With AnyTrack you no longer rely guess work to adjust your budgets, bids, or targeting. Your entire conversion data drives your campaigns, according to the any of your business goals.

anytrack illustration (3)

Fuel  your pixels with conversion data to target your audiences with the right ads, in the funnel.

Automatically send conversion data to all your pixels and analytics with features like the Data Orchestration, and Dynamic Conversion Mapping.

With AnyTrack, you’ll be able to manage your campaigns at scale — without manually uploading offline conversions to your ad platforms, or updating tracking parameters.

Use your conversion data to create journey-based advertising campaigns for your Facebook, Google, Taboola, and Bing audiences, at each and every step of the funnel.

advanced reporting

Report on true advertising ROI with Swiss precision


Clicks don’t mean money in your bank account.

That’s why AnyTrack goes beyond traditional trackers, and reports all conversions and revenues, back to your ad platforms so you can have the most complete and accurate ROAS reporting, and scale your campaigns with 100% confidence.

Use attribution reporting to understand how each ad, within each ad network is performing, at each stages of the funnel, and align your ads to push more traffic deeper into your funnels.

tracking errors

Stop wasting time on Tracking!

It's 2021!

Stop wasting time on setting up tracking, parameters, offers, call to actions, click URLs, custom codes, and other tasks of the previous decade.

Tracking has evolved, and so should your marketing stack.

One line of code is what you need to start your data driven marketing journey.

Why AnyTrack is featured by marketing leaders?

semrush quote

Julia Ollenikova

Head of Marketing, Semrush

AnyTrack uses both server-side and client-side tracking, to guarantee all touchpoints across your customer journey are tracked. Whether conversions happen on your site, an affiliate network, or CRM.


Martina Bretous

Marketing Writer, Hubspot

With AnyTrack, you can consolidate data from multiple sources (like Google and Facebook ) into one platform. ... identify which strategies are working, and which ones require adjustments.

neil patel about anytrack

Neil Patel

Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer

If you’re looking to step up your  marketing game, advanced  marketing tools like AnyTrack can help you speed things up and get better results.


Why top marketers switch to AnyTrack!


Instant setup

A single line of code will AutoTrack on-site events such as Outbound Clicks, and Form Submissions to all your pixels and analytics. No coding required.


Powerful Integrations

From direct integrations with pixels, funnel builders to affiliate networks, your conversion and audience data flows at every touch point of your marketing.



Leverage the power of your audience data across all you marketing tools, and expand your reach with automation, and behavioral targeting.


100% Redirectless

Avoid click loss, and ad account bans caused by traditional link trackers, and make the most out of every click, while saving time and automating your marketing.


They Switched to AnyTrack! 

"I have been able to scale my campaigns while increasing ROAS.

AnyTrack is the one software that I have been searching for.

It is one of a kind!

“What AnyTrack has done is actually provide a simple tool for online marketers to use cross-platform data to actually do what people talk about!"

"So many people “talk” about creating audiences to target / exclude based on actions but hardly anyone does it."

"Anytrack has been a game changer for my marketing efforts. I've been able to double the amount I'm spending per acquisition by putting the money in the right places"

AnyTrack Integration Ecosystem

One-click integration with your favorite tools!


Use Cases & Solutions



Tracking & measuring PPC campaigns for comparison websites is hard because there are many systems involved, including different affiliate networks, and tracking systems, and the conversion data must be sent back to Google Ads.

⛔ Google Analytics alone can't do it, and current tracking solutions fall short of tracking conversions in Google Ads.
⛔ Google Offline Conversion is complex to setup, and doesn't include Google Analytics audience building.


Because AnyTrack seamlessly connects your entire marketing stack with Google Analytics & Google Ads, you can fully leverage the power of Google artificial intelligence and automate your campaigns for ROI. 

🎯 Improve your content
🎯 Discover high intent audiences
🎯 Create lookalike audiences
🎯 Track your full campaigns ROI
lead gen campaigns


Running lead gen campaigns on search is a high risk business.

Leads are not born equal, and to funnel the right lead, to the right advertiser, you need to track and attribute every lead, its value, and the stage he's in your funnel.

🚫 Passing offline conversion data to Google is challenging, highly technical, and often falls short of giving the complete picture.


AnyTrack smart tracking and attribution engine, allows you to track your lead journey, from the optin, down to its sold status, so you can optimize funnel, ads, content, and drip campaigns at scale.

🎯 Automate your marketing flow
🎯 Retarget across multiple networks
🎯 Improve lookalike audiences targeting
🎯 Report on your full campaigns ROI


content marketing


Whether you are a passionate blogger, an influencer, or run an authority website, your primary goal is to know how and where to invest your resources. 

Yet, measuring content ROI is nearly impossible, and highly technical when sales happen away from your site.

How as a creator, you shouldn't rely on the number of "likes", "retweets" or "clicks" to plan your next post.


AnyTrack seamless integration with Google Analytics allow you to finally tie your content, marketing channels, audiences, and revenues.

Whether you plan on flipping websites, produce more content, or invest in PPC campaigns, the insights you'll get will give you an edge .

🎯 Make better and informed decisions
🎯 Discover high intent audiences
🎯 Bring your entire data together
🎯 Leverage data to get new revenue streams



Discover how easy you can get started

Heard of Less is More?

Watch the 5 minutes video tutorial to discover how you can start tracking in less than 5 minutes, and start seeing your conversion data in Google Analytics in real-time!

Note: Facebook API Takes about 20 minutes to process the conversion data.


Scale your marketing with 100% confidence.



Perfect to get started!

Everything you need to get started at a low budget.

  • Up to 50'000 Sessions/Mth.
  • 1 Website
  • 1 Affiliate Network Integration
  • 1 Ad Network Integration
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Facebook Conversion API*
  • Taboola Integration*
  • Outbrain Integration*
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Full Redirectless Tracking
  • ClickFunnels Integration
  • Advanced Funnels Tracking
  • Advanced Reports & Analytics
  • Self Service Support
  • Email support



Perfect for Agencies

Everything you need to streamline data across your agency.

  • Up to 3M Sessions
  • 10 Websites
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • All Ad Networks
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • Taboola Integration
  • Outbrain Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Full Redirectless Tracking
  • ClickFunnels Integration
  • Advanced Funnels Tracking
  • Advanced Reports & Analytics
  • Webhooks
  • Priority support
  • Premium Affiliate Networks
  • Custom Event Mapping


*No credit card required

Hyros Alternative FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions, Answers, Clarifications, and everything in between... 


It's easy for Hyros' staff to claim that they are better than any other systems on the market. 

But saying doesn't mean that it's necessarily true. 

Is hyros a better tracking software?

👉 The comparison table will help you check each meaningful feature to find out which of Hyros of AnyTrack is a good fit for you.

✅ The FAQ section dives into the most important features, with more details collected from Hyros website, public documentation, and feedback from customers.

Feel free to contact us if you have some comments, or if you spotted an error in our analysis.

🤔 What is Hyros?

Hyros (formerly known as MarketHero) is an ad tracking platform that supposedly helps digital marketers "better" attribute conversions to their ad campaigns.

Hyros makes the following claims:

  • Hyros "AI Tracking" improves ad campaigns ROI.
  • Hyros is a better tracking software than any other systems.

Hyros (better known under the brand MarketHero) has a "Poor" rating on TrustPilot where you can read reviews left by former customers.

👉 Read Hyros Reviews on TrustPilot.




📛 Why is Hyros associated with scams?

Hyros (formerly known as Market Hero) was founded by Alex Becker, who has been often associated with Get Rich Quick schemes, and because Market Hero has a poor review rating. You can read Hyros reviews on TrustPilot

alexbecker facebook


📛 Is Hyros legit?

Hyros, formerly known as MarketHero seems to be a legit software. However, the majority of customers who left reviews on TrustPilot seem to be unhappy read more 👉 Hyros / MarketHero TrustPilot reviews

💰 What is Hyros pricing?

Hyros pricing starts at $500 / month, with a firm commitment of 6 months. Price rapidly increases and is based on your tracked revenues.

💰 Why is Hyros so expensive?

Since Hyros is a complicated platform (even for advanced marketers or agencies), they need to maintain a large support staff, which is factored into the pricing. 


Since Hyros relies on your leads/customers email address to track conversions, you are forced to expose your customers' email address in your "thank you page". This method is considered to be a security and privacy risk for both your business and your customers.



Hyros "only work with businesses of a certain size and in certain industries." so you are funneled into a demo / onboarding session in order to see if they "are a good fit for your business".

Based on testimonials from customers that switched to AnyTrack, the minimum ad spend required, is north of $50'000/month.

Since Hyros charges $500/month and their price increases with your revenues, it truly makes sense for Hyros to only onboard customers of a certain size.

With AnyTrack, anyone can can get a free account, start tracking in under 5 minutes, and upgrade to one of the paid plans that suits with your business objectives, and requirements.

💡 What is Hyros "AI Training"?

AI Training is a "hyper" way  to say - "Campaign Learning Phase".

Yet, since Hyros tracks EXCLUSIVELY opt-ins and sales conversions, and not any other behavioral events, neither Facebook or Google will be able to factor your customers' behavioral events on their way to their purchase. 

In addition, due to the way Hyros tracks conversions (using Email data), their platform is not capable of tracking View Through conversions.

From Hyros documentation:

NOTE: This will NOT enable you to track view through conversions or associate any ads without a call to action button with purchases. It WILL allow you to track the costs associated with the ad set.

Why Hyros requires Shopify users to force "email" signups?

Because Hyros uses customers' email addresses to track and attribute conversions, you are required to force customers to checkout with their email address.

Here is a screenshot of their Shopify integration documentation.



⭐ What are Hyros reviews?

According to TrustPilot, Hyros (formerly known as Market Hero), has poor rating (2.7).

Note: Hyros is formerly known as MarketHero and can be found on TrustPilot.

How does Hyros work?

Hyros tracks and attributes conversions by using your customer's email address. Facebook calls this tracking method "offline conversion tracking".

The problem with this method is that there's no attribution or tracking unless you capture your lead email and that email matches the purchase email.

Hyros uses your customer email address as the tracking key to tie leads and checkout events. So when a user opts in your funnel, and eventually purchases your product, Hyros will tie the lead email address with the purchase event email address. For many reasons, this method is far from being accurate and clearly not privacy oriented.

Here are a couple of examples:

  1. The average user has 2 email accounts (source) while savvy internet users might have 5 or more.
  2. If you sell B2B services and you advertise on Facebook, it's unlikely that your customers email address will match their Facebook Account email address.
  3. Users can be reluctant to provide their main email address when "opting in", but will probably put their best email address when purchasing.

In addition, there is a significant privacy and security risk since passing email addresses into URL is considered bad practice and can get your Google Analytics account disabled.

Example: Hyros & Jotform integration

hyros email based tracking


While using email address via client-side integration like Jotform is not a "privacy-first" approach, doing so via server-side integrations is considered safe.

Does Hyros support ad networks besides Google and Facebook?

Not currently. Hyros focuses on Google Ads and Facebook Ads only. 

What are Hyros alternatives?

Beside AnyTrack, there are several other software considered to be Hyros Alternatives. Hyros is among Wicked Reports Alternatives, and Segmetrics provide similar "email based tracking" methods, which are considered bad practice by user privacy evangelists and security firms.

Is Hyros part of the Facebook Business Partners program?

No, as of August 6 2021, Hyros is not part of the Facebook Business Partners program.

💡 Facebook Business Partners are companies that Facebook has vetted for their expertise.

✅ AnyTrack is part of the Facebook Business Partners.

The Facebook Conversion API is Facebook  latest and most advanced tracking and attribution method. It relies on both native signals and first party data generated by Facebook, and optionally first party data collected on your website (personal info such as Email, Phone, etc...).

⚠️ Hyros integration with Facebook relies on the Facebook Offline Conversion API. The core difference, is that with the Facebook Offline Conversion API, you can only attribute conversions if and when you collect personal information from your users.

🎯 With the Facebook Conversion API, whether you collect personal data from your customers or not,  conversions will be attributed and tracked.

Contrary to what is advertised on Hyros website (6 attribution models), according to Hyros public documentation there seems to be only 4 attribution modes.

Attribution feature advertised on Hyros website:

Attribution models advertised on Hyros website

According to their public documentation, Hyros provides 4 attribution modes:

  • First click attribution
  • Last click attribution
  • "Scientific" attribution - which is the closest to what Google Analytics calls "position based".
  • LTV attribution


Yet, none of these attribution models enable multi-channel attribution

Note: Multi-channel attribution provides you a direct visibility on the conversion path a customers will take across multiple marketing channels.

For example: A scenario where you have 5 different sources of traffic - google, organic, bing, facebook and native ads - would never let you understand what each marketing channels are worth to you.

✅ How is AnyTrack different than Hyros attribution models?

Since AnyTrack leverages the first party data set by ad and analytics pixels set on your website you can visualize the exact path taken by customers across several marketing channels (Google, Facebook, Organic, and other paid channels), and apply any of the 6  attribution models available in Google Analytics.

Learn more about Google Analytics attribution models here.

Hyros uses the Google Ads Offline Conversion tracking method. This method requires that the GCLID parameter be uploaded to Google Ads along with the conversion data (timestamp, conversion type).

Because the Offline Conversion tracking method does not support the wBRAID parameter, conversions from any mobile apps such as the Youtube app, Google Maps and a handful of Google Apps, will not be attributed in Google Ads.

Learn more information about the new Google Ads Parameters related to iOS 14 ATT update.

AnyTrack FAQ

AnyTrack Frequently Asked Questions

Is AnyTrack better than Hyros?

Based on customer testimonials that switched from Hyros to AnyTrack, and based on the research we've done on the Hyros platform, it appears that AnyTrack provides a more holistic approach to tracking and attribution. 

Yet, "better" is a very subjective adjective, which should be taken with caution, as it only relates to what your use case is.

To find out, you can simply try AnyTrack free.

Is AnyTrack only for affiliate marketers?

No. AnyTrack is used by a wide range of performance marketers. Whether you promote your own product, you're an agency or an affiliate marketer, you can only succeed in your campaigns if you track your conversions.

How does the Free Trial work?

Upon selecting a plan, you will have 14 days to use the platform with all its features and options under the plan. At the end of the 14 days, your payment method on file will be charged for the monthly subscription.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes. At any given time you can upgrade or downgrade. If you decide to downgrade to a lower plan, your subscription will be available until the end of the current billing cycle.

Do you offer custom plans?

Yes. Contact us for more info.

Can I cancel my subscription during the Free Trial?

Yes. At any given time you can cancel your account, and you will not be charged. 

What's the difference between conversion and conversion data?

Traditional trackers track the conversion event and its value, while AnyTrack goes beyond the conversion event, by also tracking the data associated with the conversion.

  • The Brand Name
  • The Conversion Type (lead, sale, trial)
  • The Currency (enable multi currency)
  • The conversion status
  • The transaction ID
  • The actual sale value (not only the commission)

Can I track more than one Ad Network?

Yes if you are on the personal or advanced plan. If you are on the Basic plan, you will be able to connect with a single ad network.

Why did we create the Hyros Alternative page?

Over the past months, we've received plenty of questions about Hyros, and how AnyTrack compares to Hyros. 

To make this process more convenient for our customers, we decided to review the Hyros platform and provide an easy to understand comparison table, as well as answers to hyros frequently asked questions.

As of August 3 2021, the comparison seems accurate, but since Hyros is a software company, it is possible that some features have been updated.